Touch Sensitive Electronic Cigarette Lighter


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A new and better way to light up your cigarettes.
Throw away your old lighters and enjoy the Touch Sensitive Electronic Cigarette Lighter.
Cool, elegant, efficient.

Super slim profile, fits everywhere, easy to carry around.
USB Rechargeable, no more gas refilling.
Flameless & windproof.
Safe to operate because it does not produce flames.
Lasts for 100-300 uses per charge.
It has no click button, you just touch it in order to light it up.
More convenient and easy to use than traditional rechargeable lighters.

Power: Rechargeable by USB
Size: 78mm x 29mm x 7.5mm

Package content:
1 x Touch Sensitive Electronic Cigarette Lighter
1 x USB Charging Cord





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outdoor Windproof flameless

Characteristic 3

Double-sided lighter

Characteristic 4

Cigarette lighter

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lighter USB charging

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rechargeable lighter